Who Are We?
Welcome to the Cooperative Santa Maria, a registered agricultural cooperative located in Nebaj, Guatemala, part of the Ixil triangle.
We are associates of the Cooperativa Agrícola Integral Santa María R.L., mainly from different communities in the Area Ixil, of the municipalities of Nebaj, Cotzal and Chajul, ultimately expanding to the municipalities of Cunen and Aguacatan of Huehuetenango. We have organized for the purpose of satisfying our basic needs and improving the incomes of the families.

Associates of the cooperative


Name: Cooperativa Agrícola Integral “Santa María” R.L.

Address: 5ª. Avenida 10-91 Zona 5 Cantón Jactzal, Nebaj; El Quiché.
Guatemala C. A. Teléfono 77560026
E-mail: cooperativasantamaria@yahoo.com

Access: the municipality of Nebaj is accessible by one paved highway, 80 kilometers from the head of the department, Santa Cruz del Quiché, and is kept in good condition all the time.
(Click here for more information on how to get to Nebaj.)

Membership: There are currently 55 active partners, of whom 38 are men and 17 are women.

Date Established: The cooperative was formed on March 3, 1981 and obtained legal status May 21, 1981according to record 332 in the book No 1 volume 332, data from the INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE COOPERATIVAS CUATEMALA C. A.
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a. Land: The cooperative has two plots of land, located in Las Cataratas and Actzumbal, having a total of more or less 100 cuerdas of 25 x 25 meters, equivilant to 6.25 blocks or 4.37 hectacres

b. Buildings: The cooperative has its own office, located in the building Jactzal, Nebaj; El Quiché.
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